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Master the art of containerizing your applications using Docker, enhancing the software development process.

Course Description

Docker is a tool that is designed to benefit both developers and system administrators. For developers, it means they can develop applications without worrying about the system it will be running on. For system administrators, it gives them flexibility and reduces the number of systems required.

This video will teach you to leverage advanced-level Docker. It starts by introducing how Docker works the way it does, first scripting a layer in a Docker workflow—Dockerfile. Next, you will explore compose by writing a docker-compose.yml file for a social network app, and look at top-down approaches to building network topologies for our social network’s containers.

Then you will be familiarized with the swarm workflow, Kubernetes, and Google’s tool for setting up a managed cluster. You will learn how to set up Docker’s plugin infrastructure and use the customization options. By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully manage your Docker containers, with the help of minecraft server.

Learning Outcome


  • Containerize a web-based application with a base container and automate it using Dockerfile
  • Orchestrate, deploy, and scale a complex application using Docker Compose and Docker Machine
  • Get to know the software defined networking architecture used in Docker, which includes single-host and multi-host networking
  • Architect, create, and manage clusters of Docker hosts and deploy applications on them
  • Deploy Diaspora onto a cluster in AWS
  • Use managed clusters such as Kubernetes and Mesos/Marathon
  • Harden your infrastructure against predators by following security best-practices
  • Customize Docker to your needs using logging, volume, and networking plugins
  • Get more out of Docker using Ecosystem Tools and Services


It is also for those who haven’t tried Docker yet but have extensive experience with Unix and Git.

Who is this course intended for?

This book is for developers, DevOps, and SysAdmins who have a fair idea of what Docker is all about but haven’t used it in practice yet.


Course Curriculum

Recollecting Docker Basics
The Course Overview 00:00:00
Recollecting Docker Concepts 00:00:00
Docker CLI Commands 00:00:00
Scripting Primer 00:00:00
Composing Services
Composing Primer 00:00:00
Deploying Composed Services 00:00:00
Single Host Scaling 00:00:00
Docker Networking
Bridge Networks 00:00:00
Multi-host Networks 00:00:00
Service Discovery 00:00:00
Designing Infrastructure of the Social Network 00:00:00
Creating a Container Swarm
Swarm Basics 00:00:00
Swarm on AWS 00:00:00
Container Management at Scale
Introduction to Managed Cluster 00:00:00
Kubernetes 00:00:00
Marathon / Mesos 00:00:00
Docker Security
Attack Vectors 00:00:00
Docker Bench for Security 00:00:00
Notary and Content Security 00:00:00
Docker Plugins and Drivers
Logging Drivers 00:00:00
Volume Plugins 00:00:00
Network Plugins 00:00:00
Best Practices and Ecosystem Tools
Keeping the Garden Pruned 00:00:00
Ecosystem Tools 00:00:00
Dockercraft 00:00:00

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