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Enhance your discovery and reach of your courses with our Caption and Transcription services at the lowest prices and on-time delivery with 99% quality assurance.

Why manual transcript is better than auto-generated transcript


Our technically skilled team can easily transcribe the correct technical terms used in the audio/video which are captured incorrectly by the auto-generated scripts.

An incorrect transcript can lead learners into confusion and hamper a great learning experience.

Where auto-generated are prone to errors, our 3-level check makes sure that no error goes unchecked.

At times the auto-generated transcripts can generate out-of-context offensive words which can negatively affect your brand value.


How it works

Auto generation

Our first step is to automatically generate the transcript using our in-house tool.

Manual editing

The auto-generated script is then checked manually by our technically skilled editors line by line to make sure that there are no errors, all technical words have been captured correctly, and the captions are timed correctly.

Final review

Once the transcripts have been generated, our senior editor does a final review of the script and signs-off post the quality check.

Our Pricing

We offer some of the most competitive packages in the industry for high-quality deliverables and services. Our package depends on some factors which may include:



  • Need for transcript, closed-caption or both

  • Length of the video

  • Turnaround time

  • Quality of the video

  • Need for content review