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Leverage the true power of Kali Linux with the help of its tools and take your app security to the next level.

Course Description

With an ever-changing online environment, security is a constantly growing concern. It’s hard for web developers to keep up with new and emerging techniques that attackers may use to hack into a site. In such a scenario, Kali Linux emerges as a powerful package to penetration test your website or application.
Kali Linux Web App Testing will help you prevent different cyber attacks from basic vulnerabilities to ones less spoken of. Firstly, you will be introduced to injection techniques such as SQL injection along with SQLMap. After that, you’ll learn what XSS injection is and how to use XSSER against it. Then you’ll walk through local and remote file inclusions and ways to counteract them. You’ll also learn other cyber invasions such as Remote Command Execution and Cross Site Request Forgery.
Furthermore, you’ll see what Open Redirects and Open Proxies are and how to tackle them. Finally, you’ll learn the concept of Clickjacking and how to avoid it. Towards the end of this course, you’ll not only be familiar with various cyber attacks and vulnerabilities, but also know different approaches to deal with them.
The course follows a strict hands-on approach; combined with practical examples, it will help you to understand, how these attacks work and how to combat them effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what SQL injection is and coupled with SQLMap, how it can infiltrate your system
  • Protect your system against XSS vulnerabilities by using XSSER
  • Safeguard user credentials by figuring out how Bruteforcing works
  • Get to know Remote Command Execution and how it can affect your system
  • Analyze Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks to defend your system against them
  • Inspect open proxies and open redirects to shield your system from them
  • Understand Clickjacking and the best approach to elude it


No matter whether you are familiar to Kali Linux or totally new to it, this course will guide you through all the essential tools to kick-start app testing.

Who is this course intended for?

If you’re a web developer who wants to make their app impenetrable, then this course is perfect for you.

Course Curriculum

Understanding the Basics
Course Overview 00:00:00
Taking the First Steps 00:00:00
Using Kali Linux 00:00:00
Security Vulnerabilities – A Website's Worst Case Scenario
Basic SQL Injection 00:00:00
sqlmap Part 1 00:00:00
sqlmap Part 2 00:00:00
Types of Cross-site Scripting (XSS) 00:00:00
Working with XSSER 00:00:00
Filtering and Validation 00:00:00
Securing Your Files – No File Is Safe
Local and Remote File Inclusion 00:00:00
Fimap 00:00:00
Directory Traversal 00:00:00
Avoiding Forced Attacks
Hash Brute-forcing 00:00:00
Hashcat 00:00:00
Form Brute-forcing 00:00:00
Hydra 00:00:00
New Tools in the Arsenal
Introduction to Vulnerability Scanners 00:00:00
Open Redirects and Open Proxies 00:00:00
Remote Command Execution (RCE) 00:00:00
Information Disclosure 00:00:00
Tampering Data in Packets 00:00:00
Silent Manipulation with CSRF
What Is CSRF? 00:00:00
CSRF Tester Tool 00:00:00
Tokens and the Same-origin Policy 00:00:00
Extra Measures for the Shop
OWASP ZAP 00:00:00
Two-factor Authentication 00:00:00
Weak Passwords and Phishing 00:00:00
Clickjacking 00:00:00
Wrapping Up 00:00:00

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