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Alexa Skills for Echo and Other Amazon Devices.

Course Description

Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Now – voice-activated personal assistants are one of the hottest trends in technology these days. They are a great way to convey complex information to your customers in a free-flowing, conversational way. Alexa is a great way to build them – an AWS service for building conversational interfaces for Echo, FireTV and a host of Alexa-aware devices.
Alexa is state-of-the-art, with support for new devices being added all the time.
Powered by a deep learning based engine that parses user voice and resolves the contents of user utterances to API calls and parameter values.
No deep learning or natural language processing expertise is needed to build even complex voice apps.
Provides an intuitive way of specifying the conversational interface.
Automatically and dynamically adjusts conversational responses.
Easy to build, test and publish app.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build smooth voice-activated apps for Echo and other Alexa-aware devices
  • Design and build sound interaction models for your Alexa skills
  • Implement robust fulfilment models using AWS Lambda


  • Basic javascript programming
  • Basic understanding of HTTP/s and how REST APIs work

Who is this course intended for?

  • Echo or FireTV developers looking to build Alexa Skills
  • Website and mobile app developers looking to add voice app

Your Instructor


Loonycorn is us, Janani Ravi and Vitthal Srinivasan. Between us, we have studied at Stanford, been admitted to IIM Ahmedabad and have spent years working in tech, in the Bay Area, New York, Singapore and Bangalore.

Janani: 7 years at Google (New York, Singapore); Studied at Stanford; also worked at Flipkart and Microsoft

Vitthal: Also Google (Singapore) and studied at Stanford; Flipkart, Credit Suisse and INSEAD too

We think we might have hit upon a neat way of teaching complicated tech courses in a funny, practical, engaging way, which is why we are so excited to be here on Learnsector!

We hope you will try our offerings and think you’ll like them 🙂

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:00:00
Alexa Basics: Eco-system and Skill Concepts
Introducing Alexa 00:00:00
Evolution Of Human Computer Interaction And Voice Interfaces 00:00:00
Prereqs And Course Overview 00:00:00
Alexa, Echo And AWS 00:00:00
Skill Concepts: Invocations, Utterances and Intents 00:00:00
Tools and Platforms: AWS, Amazon Developer Console and Echosim.io 00:00:00
Types Of Skills 00:00:00
Build a Basic Alexa Skill
Overview Of The Stock Market Tracker 00:00:00
Utterance-Intent Mapping 00:00:00
Financial Data From AlphaVantage 00:00:00
Setup And Configure An Alexa Skill 00:00:00
AWS Lambdas 00:00:00
Link the Alexa Skill with the Lambda Function 00:00:00
Set up and Test Lambda Code 00:00:00
Code And Test the Launch Request 00:00:00
Code And Test the Intent Request 00:00:00
Handle Help And Stop Intents 00:00:00
Test Using Echosim.io 00:00:00
Multi-turn Dialogs for Rich Conversation
Slots As Request Configuration Parameters 00:00:00
Slots, Prompts And Utterances 00:00:00
Financial Data From Intrinio 00:00:00
What Exactly are Slots? 00:00:00
Configure the Dialog Model 00:00:00
Handle Start, End and Launch Requests 00:00:00
Handle the GetStockInfo Intent 00:00:00
Handle Help, Stop and Cancel Intents 00:00:00
Testing With Echosim.io 00:00:00
Persist State Across Sessions
Remember Data Across Sessions 00:00:00
Create A Dynamo DB Table 00:00:00
Configure Full Access To Dynamo DB from Lambda 00:00:00
Handle Start, End and Launch Requests 00:00:00
Handle Add, Remove And List Stock Intents 00:00:00
Test Using Echosim.io 00:00:00
Build a Flash Briefing Skill
Understanding Flash Briefing Skills 00:00:00
Set Up A Twitter RSS Feed 00:00:00
Set Up A Flash Briefing Skill 00:00:00

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