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Career in Artificial Intelligence

Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as one of the budding career opportunities worldwide. A huge market demand for AI Engineers, enticing salary package, rapid advancement in AI field gives you enough reasons to pursue a career in AI. While choosing a career path, salary package, job role and satisfaction are the key priorities to bear in mind. The average salary of AI Engineers is $135K per annum, marking it as one of the best paid jobs of this decade. The most popular job role in Artificial Engineering is Machine learning engineer with three sub-categories: Natural Language Processing(Human API), Computer Vision (Eyequant), Predictions/Insights/Recommendations. Artificial Intelligence Engineers are plunged into a wide spectrum of new challenges daily to keep them rooted to their role. Artificial Intelligence is a developing field of creative technology which is integrated in fields of media, finance, home automation, etc. and the demand for skilled doyens is increasing. So, if you are seeking for an exciting career path, Artificial Intelligence is sure to fulfill your quench of curiosity and innovation.

Now let’s talk about the prerequisites of pursuing a career in AI. Working with AI requires a homogenous blend of analytical and logical reasoning and technical skills to implement Big data and Machine learning in your projects. If you are an AI professional aspirant a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a firm foothold in mathematics, physics, programming languages, advanced technologies and engineering perspectives is highly recommended. Another plain-sailing way to acquire the required skills is by taking online free courses on Big Data and Machine Learning provided by us with a multitude of resources to refer to and accelerate your learning.

Eminent companies such as Google, IBM, and Facebook are now investing in AI research.It is expected that AI will be the core of upcoming IT developments in areas such as knowledge automation, (semi-) autonomous vehicles, and advanced robotics. Artificial Intelligence graduates can carry out AI research in academic or R&D environments, and determine how AI techniques can provide intelligent solutions to IT problems in companies and organisations.Industrial sectors such as banking, insurance, government policy, telecommunications are interested in hiring AI graduates. They may also find employment in agent-oriented software companies or companies specializing in the use of agent intelligence techniques where their role comprises developing new products and applications or directing such activities.

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 and since then the progress in this field is akin to a chain reaction.The exponential growth in AI is good enough to encourage students and professionals to start an AI career.According to ReportBuyer, the AI market is speculated to grow to $5.05 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 53.65 per cent. The quick adoption of Machine Learning in media, finance sector, home automation, data analyzing, security, robotics are the exclusive contributors of AI market growth.

The year 2016 was termed as the ‘Year of AI’. Even with such a huge advancement in AI, experts are ambiguous about the future of AI, reason being the disparity in supply and demand of AI Professionals. The fear of robots taking over humans is emphatic in the mind of white collars, so the best way to keep up with automation is to master the necessary artificial intelligence skills like Big Data, Machine Learning. It is never too late to try. So, gear up and get started with acquiring the relevant skills for an Artificial Intelligence career.

January 5, 2018

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