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Web Application Vulnerability Management/OSI Model/ Cloud Security Training.

Course Description

The IT Security Gumbo, ties in Web Application Vulnerability Management, The OSI Model and Cloud Security into a delicious course meal. The course gets into detail on the respective subject matter and gives an extensive tie on how they all work together. The course is geared towards all levels of IT Professionals.

Learning Outcomes

Web Application Vulnerability Management/OSI Model/ Cloud Security Training


You should have a general understanding of IT Security, Computer Networking and Cloud Security.

Who is this course intended for?

Anyone who wants to learn vulnerability management, computer networking and cloud security.

Your Instructor

Corey Charles

Corey Charles is Security+, Qualys Vulnerability Management Specialist Certified. Mr. Charles has 11 years experience in IT Security with a direct focus in Vulnerability Management. Mr. Charles also taught on the collegiate level, teaching IT Security at Herzing University.

Mr. Charles also holds two Bachelors of Arts Degrees, Digital Design and Media Arts, one Associates, Digital Design from Tulane University. Two Master Degrees from Strayer University, Master of Science in Computer.

Security Management and Master of Science in Computer Forensics Management. He holds an Executive Graduate Certification in Computer Networking.


Course Curriculum

Web Application Security
SQL Injection Prevention/SQL Injection/Cross Site Scripting 00:00:00
Distrubuted Denial of Service 00:00:00
Functionality of DDOS/ TCP/IP/ HTTP/ HTTPS 00:00:00
The OSI Model
Communication/Layer Architecture/ OSI/ OSI Reference Models/ 7 Layers 00:00:00
OSIP: A Layer Network Model/ Layers 1-4 OSI Model 00:00:00
Layers 5-7/ OSI Model/ TCP/IPModel 00:00:00
Cloud Security
NIST Definition of Cloud Computing 00:00:00
Cloud Essential Characteristics 00:00:00
Cloud Service Models 00:00:00
Cloud Deployment Models/ Cloud Roles/ Cloud Benefits 00:00:00
Cloud Risks/Concerns 00:00:00
Cloud Assurance/ CSA-The Notorious Nine 00:00:00
Final Assessment

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