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Expand your Excel abilities with charts, outlines, workbooks and much more.

Course Description

This course is designed to be the intermediate level of Excel 2016. Students will learn how to link workbooks and worksheets, create named ranges and utilize them in formulas, build Logical functions such as IF, AND, and OR, and use Lookup functions to locate and compare data. Students will also be introduced to and work with Excel’s Table feature, learning to create and modify Tables. Students will also create and modify PivotTables and PivotCharts to analyze large data sets, sort the data, and use Slicers and Timeline Slicers to filter the data. Additionally, students will create and modify Charts, work with Flash Fill, work with subtotals and outlining, and learn how to customize the Excel environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Custom Excel
  • Link Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Work with Range Names
  • Analyze Data with Common Logical Functions
  • Analyze Data with Common Lookup Functions
  • Sort and Filter Range Data
  • Analyze and Organize with Tables
  • Use Conditional Formatting
  • Outline with Subtotals and Grouping
  • Display Data Graphically
  • Understand PivotTables and PivotCharts and Filter with Slicers
  • Work with Flash Fill
  • Work with Date and Time Functions
  • Work with Common Text Functions


Excel 2016 Introduction course or equivalent knowledge or experience.

Who is this course intended for?

Students who want to take their Excel knowledge to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:00:00
Customizing Excel
Customizing the Ribbon 00:00:00
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar 00:00:00
Customizing the General and Formula Options 00:00:00
Customizing the AutoCorrect Options 00:00:00
Customizing the Save Defaults 00:00:00
Customizing Advanced Excel Options 00:00:00
Linking Workbooks and Worksheets
Linking Workbooks and Worksheets 00:00:00
Linking Worksheets with 3D References 00:00:00
Understanding the Consolidate Feature 00:00:00
Working with Range Names and Advanced Formulas
What are Range Names? 00:00:00
Creating Range Names Using the Name Box and Define Name 00:00:00
Creating Range Names Using Create from Selection 00:00:00
Analyzing Data with Common Logical Functions
Working with the Most Common Logical Functions 00:00:00
Evaluating Data with the AND Function 00:00:00
Evaluating Data with the OR Function 00:00:00
Understanding IF Functions 00:00:00
Nesting AND and OR Inside an IF Function 00:00:00
Analyzing Data with Common Lookup Functions
What are Lookup Functions? 00:00:00
Using VLOOKUP 00:00:00
Using HLOOKUP 00:00:00
Sorting and Filtering Range Data
Understanding the Differences Between Sorting and Filtering 00:00:00
Sorting Lists 00:00:00
Filtering Lists 00:00:00
Analyzing and Organizing with Tables
Creating Tables and Understanding the Benefits 00:00:00
Understanding the Elements of a Table 00:00:00
Formatting a Table 00:00:00
Sorting Tables 00:00:00
Filtering Tables 00:00:00
Filtering with Slicers 00:00:00
Calculating with Tables 00:00:00
Removing Erroneous Table Data 00:00:00
Exporting, Refreshing, and Converting Tables 00:00:00
Using Conditional Formatting
What is Conditional Formatting? 00:00:00
Conditional Formatting: Highlight Cells and Top Bottom Rules 00:00:00
Conditional Formatting: Data Bars, Icon Sets, and Color Scales 00:00:00
Using Custom Fonts and Colors 00:00:00
Using Custom Conditional Formatting 00:00:00
Modifying or Removing Conditional Formatting 00:00:00
Outlining with Subtotals and Grouping
What are Subtotals and Grouping? 00:00:00
Creating Subtotals 00:00:00
Grouping and Ungrouping Data 00:00:00
Displaying Data Graphically
What are Charts? 00:00:00
Creating Charts 00:00:00
Understanding Chart Elements 00:00:00
Modifying Chart Elements 00:00:00
Changing and Moving Charts 00:00:00
Filtering a Chart 00:00:00
Formatting Charts 00:00:00
Adjusting Numbering 00:00:00
Creating Dual Axis Charts 00:00:00
Forecasting with Trendlines 00:00:00
Creating a Chart Template 00:00:00
Displaying Trends with Sparklines 00:00:00
Understanding PivotTables and PivotCharts and Filtering with Slicers
What is a PivotTable? 00:00:00
Creating a PivotTable 00:00:00
Working with the PivotTable Fields Pane 00:00:00
Basic Data Organization and Analysis with PivotTables 00:00:00
Formatting PivotTables 00:00:00
Creating a PivotChart 00:00:00
Modifying and Formatting a PivotChart 00:00:00
Adding Slicers and Timeline Slicers 00:00:00
Formatting Slicers 00:00:00
Working with Flash Fill
What is Flash Fill? 00:00:00
Using Flash Fill and Autofill 00:00:00
Filling Various Series 00:00:00
Working with Date and Time Functions
What are Date and Time Functions? 00:00:00
Using TODAY, NOW, and DAY Functions 00:00:00
Using NETWORKDAYS and YEARFRAC Functions 00:00:00
Working with Common Text Functions
What are Text Functions? 00:00:00
Using CONCATENATE 00:00:00
Using Text to Columns 00:00:00
Using LEFT, RIGHT, and MID Functions 00:00:00
Using UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER Functions 00:00:00
Course Recap 00:00:00

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